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#DontBeDaft: Insurance Series

By bzbeth 16 Mar 2018

We always think it's better to be safe than sorry and that's why we recommend you get some insurance...

Think about all the things you own that you love - phone, laptop, car, jewellery and more. You wouldn't want to lose it and never be able to replace, would you?

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Student accommodation is often a tempting target for thieves with 5 lots of phones, car keys, money etc, so be careful displaying valuables in your house and get some insurance to cover yourself if anything does happen.

People often think insurance has to cost hundreds and thousands but it can start from as little as £15 a month, much cheaper than having to replace a £900 phone!

When you lived in halls, you didn't have to worry about paying for contents insurance but it should be something you want to think about. Endsleigh have some great prices and suitable for students!

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Make sure you get it sorted before you move into your accommodation in August/September otherwise it could be a pain to sort. Your parents might have contents insurance for your house at home and it might be cheaper for them to add you onto theirs - it's worth asking them over summer.

Insurance is a good idea (obviously) but an even better idea is keeping your valuables out of sight and safe, especially when going home for the weekend or end of term. If you're struggling for advice, we've got some tips...

Don't make it too easy for thieves, there are lots of measures you can have in place to deter them but make sure you get insured!

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