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#DontBeDaft: Getting Home Safe

By bzbeth 02 Mar 2018

When you're heading home for the weekend or end of term, you'll be so excited to leave that you might forget about safety...

But don't make it too easy for burglars to know that you're away and that everything is up for grabs.

We're not asking you to get into Kevin McCallister mode just yet (if you know, you know), but take a few precautions to be safe rather than sorry:

  1. Take your valuables home with you if you're going home for a long time - i.e. the end of the term or holidays. If it's just for the weekend and you don't want to cart everything around, put them in a safe place. 
  2. To be safe, register your belongings with Immobilise* to help the Police track your items if they're ever stolen and increase your chances of recovering them.

  3. NEVER leave your expensive items on show. You might think it looks nice to have your iPhone speaker or jewellery stand on the windowsill but don't risk it. Don't make it too obvious that it's student accommodation either! 
  4. Double check that you have locked all your windows and doors in your accommodation. This doesn't just mean in your bedroom either because burglars can gain access elsewhere.

  5. If you're going home for the holidays and your property will be empty for a while, avoid leaving bin bags from your clear out outside because that's a clear sign that nobody is in.

*Immobolise is the largest FREE register of possessions, making it a very effective tool to help reduce crime. The service is checked by police forces all over the UK so it's worth it - plus, it doesn't take long to register your valuables!

You don't want to have an amazing weekend at home and come back to any nasty surprises so be safe and lock up! 

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