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Don't neglect your health!

By bzbeth 03 May 2018

It's important to stay healthy during university because if you're at your peak health, your studies will start to suffer...

You might be one of those people who barely gets ill so you think you'll be fine BUT being at university means you come into contact with a lot of people - some of them might be carrying a mixture of germs.

Here are few simple, but effective, things you can do to stay fighting fit:

Stick to a good diet and exercise regularly
It's the most obvious trick in the book but you can depend on a balanced diet to keep you feeling good. Eating healthily helps to build up your immune system which will help your body fight off illnesses. Don't confuse eating healthily with just eating salad and vegetables, there needs to be an equal balance. 

Keep hand sanitiser with you at all times
You can literally throw this into the backpack that you take to university with you - it's not exactly going to weigh you down! A few quick splashes of it through the day with help kill any germs on your hands that have been passed around during the day. You can get it from Poundworld so you have no excuses! 

Have a medical kit
This is will be something that you should always keep in your room/bag. Paracetamol, ibuprofen, flu remedies, plasters and tissues - these are all things that help you temporarily until you're feeling better or can go home and rest. You don't have to worry about a cost, they all cost next to nothing and you'll have them for ages too.

Keep yourself well rested
Don't underestimate how much rest and sleep will help you out, especially during exams and when deadlines are getting intense. If you do start feeling ill then hot showers, warm drinks and plenty of sleep are the easiest ways to make you feel better. 

After children and babies, students are the most likely to catch meningitis and that's why you need to get the Men ACWY vaccine to prevent you getting ill. If you have any of the following symptoms, contact The Hub Medical Centre or your local GP:

Stay healthy - trust us, you'll regret it if not...