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City of Culture 2021

By FLlj 16 Apr 2021

City of Culture - what is there to look forward to?

The semester is almost over and summer is almost here and lockdowns are being lifted. But in Coventry there’s one more thing to look forward to - City of Culture! Kicking off in June, there’s a whole year of great events, music, dance, theatre, art, and large-scale spectacles to look forward to. Throughout the year there will be celebrations across every part of the city and surrounding area. The programme will be updated as the year goes on but so far here are some of the highlights:

EVENT: Coventry Moves, Saturday 5th June
A city-wide celebration to commence the City of Culture, Coventry Moves promises to provide a day full of extraordinary surprises that can be experienced both in Coventry and virtually around the UK. The day-long event will tell the story of Coventry’s pioneering identity; how its history, youthfulness and resilience continues to shape its future and give voice to the many people that call the city their home.
FILM: UK Asian Film Festival (UKAFF), June 2021
The UKAFF is the world’s longest running and UK’s most loved South Asian film festival. Curated by communities and young people, the event offers bold new cinema, and the opportunity to learn from award-winning filmmakers through an eclectic mix of masterclasses and in conversations. This year, the theme Ray of Hope will bring together incredible untold stories to celebrate the centenary of the acclaimed filmmaker Satyajit Ray with a selection of premieres.
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MUSIC: Sound Systems, Summer ‘til October
Celebrating Coventry’s rich cultural links to its twin city of Kingston, Jamaica, Sound Systems promises a unique showcase of Sound System culture, brought to Coventry by the Jamaican community that live and work in the city. The event will showcase some of the best local sounds combined with an international flair, highlighting not just Coventry’s relationship to Kingston but also the cultural contributions of the wider Caribbean community to the city.
THEATRE: CastAway, July to August 2021
CastAway is an outdoor, ‘environmentally led’ street-theatre performance which aims to challenge society’s ‘throwaway culture’. Delivered through a combination of engineering, imagination and movement, the performance is a response to the damage that plastic pollution is having on our canals and waterways.
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ART: Rivers of the World, September 2021 - January 2022
This is an international art and education project that connects pupils around the globe to their local river through environmental, economic and cultural learning themes. Eight Special Needs Schools in Coventry will be re-engaging with Coventry’s historic River Sherbourne, working with local artists to create beautiful river-inspired artwork which will be displayed in exhibitions worldwide.
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