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Charity Awareness Month 2021

By FLcs 01 Jun 2021

This blog covers the importance of charities, some successes of UK charities and how to help raise awareness of charities and get involved!

What is Charity Awareness Month?

The month of June is Charity Awareness Month in the UK. The aim of this awareness month is to increase people’s knowledge of charities, the work they do, their success stories and how people can help get involved.

Each month, several charities all around the world have awareness days or months that help raise awareness of a specific health or environmental issue. For example, the month of August is the Samaritans Awareness Month and in May it is Red Cross Week.

Charity Awareness Month is similar but raises awareness of the fantastic work charities carry out and encourage more people to get involved in their work.

Why are charities Important?

Charities in the UK and around the world make a significant difference to millions of lives and play a vital role in the society we live in. They allow people to come together, who all care about a mutual interest and cause to jointly make a difference.

Charities help millions in lots of different ways. It could be providing help, support or raising awareness of a particular issue.

According to a 2014 report by the Charity Commission, over 40% of people say themselves or a close family member or friend have benefited from the help of a charity.

There is estimated to be around 166,000 charities in the UK, who collectively employ over 800,000 people and spend over £40bn a year.

Some successes of UK charities?

All of the charities in the UK have carried out fantastic work. Below are a few recent success stories from a few charities.

British Heart Foundation – helped the government to introduce the sugar levy in 2018 to help combat obesity, which significantly impacts heart health

Mind UK – secured their key aim in the Equality Act 2010 of a ban of a Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire, so applicants are not discriminated against on the grounds of their mental health history

Myton Hospice Coventry – raises over £9.2m each year to provide 100’s of families bereavement support and counselling, home and hospice support for end of life and an inpatient unit.


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How you can get involved with charities?

This awareness months not only wants to increase people’s awareness of the work charities do, but also aims to increase the support to charities so that they can continue carrying out such fantastic work.

Giving to charities doesn’t just involve donating money, it can involve donating old items, your time, helping to raise awareness of their work to others etc.

Below are some suggestions of how to help raise awareness of charities and their causes this month:

  • Donate – you could do a one-off donation, a monthly donation or annual donation to a charity of your personal choice. You could also donate some unwanted items to a charity shop to help the charity raise money
  • Volunteering – volunteering is the same as donating money, but instead it involves donating your time. Dedicating an hour or two every week or month can be so beneficial to charities. You could help out in a charity shop, pack shopping bags in the supermarket or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Whatever it is, you will be making a huge difference to those people in need J
  • Fundraising – you could carry out some fundraising for a charity that may have helped you or a close family member or friend. You could host an online virtual event, create a JustGiving page asking each member to donate a small sum or carry out an Afternoon Tea event all in aid of that charity (once lockdown measures are lifted)
  • Share on your socials – share about charity awareness days or the work of charities on your social media to help raise awareness of them. There are often trending hashtags you can use too to help reach lots of people! #CharityAwarenessMonth

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