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Budgeting Tips

By FLrla 09 Oct 2021

Some months might feel much longer than others while you're waiting for payday, especially if you're attempting to pay off debt or struggling to manage your money. If you're anxious about whether your money will last until payday, these planning and money-saving techniques will help.

Check how much money you have left before payday.

Make a budget if you haven't previously. This will explain how much money you have left till payday, as well as all of the bills and living expenses you must meet in the interim. After you've done this, you should have a good sense of how much money you have left and what expenses you'll need to make.

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50-30-20 Rule

Minor tweaks might add up to large results over time. Putting a larger part of your salary into savings or paying off debt might help you feel more in control and capable of making more money. 

The idea is you’d aim to spend:

• 50% of your income should be spent on needs: basic living costs such as rent/mortgage, bills, food, and transportation to work.

• 30% should be spent on wants: discretionary spending such as dining out, shopping, excursions, and subscriptions.

• 20% on savings or debt: going above and above minimum payments on debt, or putting money into a savings account, investment, etc.

Set a daily spending allowance

You'll know how much money you have left once you've created a budget. Consider how much you can easily spend each day leading up to payday. One part of your budget, for example, should be set out for food. This total sum may be divided by the number of days before payday. This will provide you with a daily limit to adhere to.

 Meal Plan

It's all too simple to overspend on food and beverages. Grocery stores are skillfully engineered to help us spend more, and fast food franchises, coffee shops, and restaurants are on every corner, making it difficult to resist treats and temptations. Meal planning is one of the finest things you can do - make lists and purchase from them, purchasing exactly what you need.

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