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Blog: How to Survive Lockdown Season 3

By FLtt 13 Jan 2021

Hi there! Madison here,

I've put together some simple tips and tricks I’ve been using to try and keep myself sane during this third lockdown. Feel free to use some or all of them!

*I don’t use all of these tips every day as I personally like to shake my days up.

1. One of the best peaks of being stuck in your room is being by yourself. Therefore there is no one judging you but you. Have you always wanted to learn yoga but you were too anxious about looking foolish around other people? Stick a YouTube video and try it out. Want to learn that BTS dance from your favourite song? Stick it on and replay it 60 times with no judgement. There are many ways that you can improve yourself without other peoples opinion or approvals. So wear that crazy lime green face mask for hours and try and enjoy your lockdown.

a girl doing yoga

2. Sitting around and watching Netflix is great but by the end of the day, you feel like you’ve wasted the day on nothing. I like to split my day up with 45 min timer and pick three things I love to do and turn them into a mini routine. For example Knitting, Netflix and reading have been my comforts. So every 45 mins I do one of those things for 5 hours and then I let the rest of the day continue but with the knowledge that I was able to achieve little goals.

someone watching Netflix

3. People, especially students always say they don’t have time to cook proper food - I have lectures then society meeting, then pub. But due to lockdown, many time-consuming events have been taken away from us, so use this time you know have. Learn to cook the classics - bread, pasta and maybe some homemade pizza. Now, I'm aware that not everybody has space to cook but the are many microwave meals to try. There are even several books dedicated to microwave cooking!

a loaf of bread sliced

4. Youtube is an underrated tool. I personally use it for entertainment but there is so much to learn there. If there was an ADD+vantage course you weren’t able to get onto, there is probably a YouTube video on it somewhere! BLS, languages and adobe skills all can be found on YouTube and it’s all FREE. With anything, it’s trial and error but the are some really great learning sources out there

text, calendar

5. It may seem like everything is shut down but there are still parks for you to stretch your legs and enjoy the cold, wet, British winter. The closest parks to most students are the Memorial park (CV3 6PT) or the Gosford Green park (CV3 1HZ.) Enjoy nature while listening to your favourite podcast or playlist and if you do end up meeting people make sure you keep your distance.

a large tree in a park

I fully understand that this is not how everybody wanted to stay the year but we have to make the most with what we’ve got and be thankful for our health and uni wifi!  

Stay safe,

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