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Best Places to Study on Coventry Campus

By FLrla 25 Oct 2021

Coventry University campus has a lot of hidden gems and  quiet spaces to study on campus when the main places like the hub or library are busy especially during exam/deadline season. Let's go through some of our recommendations for the best places to study on campus.

Richard Crossman Café 

A hidden gem right inside the Richard Crossman building, one of the main buildings for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Located on the ground floor, a super chill and cosy cafe with lots of seating areas. Having a quick coffee? Want a place to get your head down and get some work done? A space to crack down on some emails you need to reply to? Or even a quiet place to read a nice book? Richard Crossman Cafe is a go to.

Alison Gingell Study Area + Cafe 

The second main building for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, located on the ground floor of Alison Gingell next to the Lo & Co Cafe, another study area with desks with monitors for collaborative group work, printers and lots of space for individual and group study.

Jaguar Building Open Seating Area 

Jaguar building is one of those buildings people may not go into unless they have a class there, an open seating space with various sections including desks and seats with PC’s to hidden areas with long desks and large monitors for collaborative work. I went here a lot during my first and second year because of how free it usually was, especially during busier times on campus I could always find a space here to get some work done.

William Morris Basement 

Not a lot of people know this place exists unless they belong to the faculty of business and law, at the lower ground/basement of the William Morris building the basement seating area/study space across from the open access computer rooms. A quiet area with long desks good for group work and discussions or even individual assignments. 

The Courtyard (The Hub) 

Located on the ground floor of The Hub, The Courtyard cafe is a great space to chill or get some work done. Lots of natural lighting and a massive seating area. Whether you want to do some extra reading for one of your modules then grab a bite to eat the Courtyard is the way to go.

Check out the Coventry University Wayfinder website for more information on the building's and cafes opening and closing times, directions on how to find these buildings, open access computers spaces / computer rooms for when campus gets a bit hectic and you need to find a PC to study with.

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