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What do your sunglasses say about you?

By ARajabali 04 May 2017

We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, and of course, to look cool...

Our choice might be based on fashion, taste, colour, and practicality. But did you know that the type of sunglasses you choose plays a role in how you're portraying yourself?

Find out what your sunglasses are saying about you! 

Wire aviators = Mr/Miss Stylish

Aviators were originally for military pilots and have been worn in iconic Hollywood films by legends like Tom Cruise. These are for hardcore men and women and imply a sense of rebelliousness. You have an authoritative presence and people respect and envy you for it.

Polarized plastic wraparounds = Mr/Miss Outdoorsy

These glasses say one thing - you belong outside. If you've chosen glasses based on superior protection then you're the adventurous but practical type. They're great for hiking, cycling and golf, and are more safety equipment than a fashion statement, perfect as you're the no fuss no frills type.

Wayfarers = Mr/Miss Confident

Wayfarers state that you have arrived and things are about to get real. These glasses were launched into our culture through epic movies like The Terminator, so they aren't for the weak of heart. Whether it's work or play, you're always confident and giving your A game - plus they're great for posing in as you don't mind being in the spotlight!

Oversized = Mr/Miss Mysterious

Oversized shades give an air of mystery, making people wonder what you're about. Because of this, you can come across as intimidating, when really you're just shy around those you don't know. Around close friends, though, you're confident. These glasses say, 'I'm fashionable but hate being in the spotlight'.

Hippy vibes = Mr/Miss Edgy

You're that friend who knows how to make an iPhone 4s image into a piece of artwork that receives 100+ likes - everyone is in awe of you, and you secretly love it. You rock that 'just got out of bed look' but it takes more effort than people think. You're not as confident as you let on either and care about people's opinions.

Novelty shades = Mr/Miss Free-Spirit

These glasses imply you don't take life all too seriously. You're a free spirit and like to have fun, and because of this, you aren't at all hard to please. Your wardrobe is entirely out of wearecow, and while people comment saying you look like your grandma/pa, you couldn't care less.

It's now time to throw some shade on this topic and recognise what sunglasses are really for.

Unprotected exposure to UV rays can cause painful short-term problems, from headaches and migraines to bloodshot, swollen or oversensitive eyes. However, long terms problems can be more severe.

Is this isn't enough, consider the fact that UV rays can cause early aging and wrinkles! Because when you finish uni, that urge to grow up gets a lot less tempting...

So there we have it, sunglasses aren't just for posing in (as cool as they might make us feel). This just gives us all the more reason to wear them come sun, rain, or snow! 


ARajabali is Nature lover, travel enthusiast and a Liverpool FC fan! Graduated with honours BSc in Animal Behaviour and wildlife conservation (2012-2015) :D
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