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Top 12 safety tips

By Skaur 14 Oct 2016

How to stay safe with our 12 safety tips:

#1- Out & about

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  • Walk in groups & stick to well-lit areas - don't take shortcuts!
  • Always be aware of your surroundings - look confident, walk with your head up (don't text & walk)
  • Don't be hasty when it comes to safety: Use the Safer Walking Route!

#2 - Taxis

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  • Share a taxi with friends
  • Taxi Top Tip: If you haven't pre-booked your taxi, check the YELLOW sign in the bottom left corner of the windscreen to make sure it's registered & make sure the taxi driver has photo ID

#3 - Personal belongings

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  • Keep your phone, wallet, laptop etc. out of sight in public areas & don't leave them unattended or on tables/surfaces where they could easily be picked up
  • Don't carry your laptop around unless you really need to. If you do, carry it in a backpack or sports bag instead of a laptop bag
  • Don't flash the cash:
    Don't carry your wallet in your back pocket
  • Don't wear headphones when you're on your own as you will not be aware of your surroundings

#4 - Nights out

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  • Don't put your bag down in a club & keep an eye on your belongings (never leave them unattended!)
  • If you leave your drink unattended & haven't been watching it, just buy a new one - £3 is a small price to pay to make it a night to remember rather than one to forget
  • Before you go out THINK... Keys, Money, Phone, Plans to get home
  • Stay with your friends & NEVER go home alone - if you do have to go home alone make sure you let your friends and family know where you are & when you're due back

#5 - Living in halls

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  • If you don't know someone outside your block, don't let them talk you into letting them inside. instead get them to contact the person they're visiting to let them inside
  • If something doesn't feel right call Security on 01902 32 2106 they are available 24/7
  • If you've got it don’t flaunt it: Never show off what you have, sometimes you don't know who you can trust
    Always keep your windows & doors locked when you're not there

#6 - Online

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  • When shopping online make sure you're using a reputable online shop
  • Avoid putting sensitive personal information on social media (i.e. telephone number & address)
  • If you don't know the sender - it might be a pretender: Don't open emails or attachments if you don't know/trust the sender
  • Password protect your computer & documents etc. - don't tell people what your password is & don't choose a password that's too easy to guess - if you have to write your passwords down make sure that they are in a safe place that only you know about

#7- Banking

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  • PIN SINS: NEVER GIVE YOUR PIN OUT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE - neither the bank nor the Police need this information
  • If you think your bank account has been accessed without your permission, report this immediately to your bank to stop further transactions - they'll also offer you advice & a crime number

#8 - Noises

  • Don't be a party pooper: Be considerate of your neighbours if you're planning a party
  • If you live in halls you'll need to fill in a party request form at least 48 hours before the day of the party
  • If you feel that a party is getting out of hand do not hesitate to call security on: 01902 32 2106 They are available 24/7

#9 - Shopping

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  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash & pay for purchases with a credit/debit card
  • Shop don't drop: Try not to burden yourself with too many packages (you become a prime target for pickpockets with your hands
  • Keep your bag as close to you as possible with a firm grip and the opening facing you.

#10 - Driving in winter

Image result for driving in the winter

  • In snow make sure your windows, mirrors & lights all work, are clean and are clear of snow & ice before each journey
  • Remember that stopping distances are affected by snow, ice & rain so reduce your speed accordingly
  • Consider using public transport or walking in snowy conditions
  • Driving Home for Christmas? Have you packed these essentials?
    Mobile Phone, Shovel, Blanket, Food & Water Supplies

#11 - Cycling in winter

Image result for cycling in the winter

  • Wear high visibility & waterproof clothing
  • Make sure your front & rear lights & reflectors work and are clean
  • Ice Ice Baby: Check your breaks regularly as winter conditions make it more difficult to stop

#12 - Health & wellbeing

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  • Eat well ; food is a vital source of energy, which helps to keep your body warm
  • Try to make sure that you have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day & keep active in the home if you can.
  • Baby its cold outside: Wear warm clothes. Layers will help you stay warm. Make sure you wear shoes with good grip if you need to go outside
  • If you're going for a walk/run after all the lovely meals you've had over Christmas make sure you do it in well-lit areas. Use a route you're familiar with & trust. Make friends & family aware of the route you're taking & how long you'll be

And there you have it our 12 tips that should keep you super-duper safe!

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