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The best (and worst) people to live with...

By ahenry 06 Nov 2017

Imagine wanting to move away from home and have your first experience of freedom to end up living with your worst nightmare...

It's probably about that time where you'll be starting to think about who you’re living with next year.  Whether you’ve signed already, or you’re still not sure, check out our guide to the five best (and five worst) types of people to live with:


1. The Domestic God/Goddess

Some people genuinely feel better when they’ve tidied and washed everything and put it in its place. Whatever their reason, so long as they’re not too obsessive, you can’t complain. Plus, the dishes soon rack up in a 6 bedroom house!

2. Mr/Mrs Moneybags

 rihanna money cash hustle bitch better have my money GIF
You're not a gold digger (obviously) but if someone works a ton of jobs or has Bank of Mum or Dad helping them out, you know they’ll always have the money for their share of the bills and rent.

3. The Arty Type

adult, beautiful, blur
We don’t mean someone who pretentious, but the 'edgy' type who can cheer up a room with some simple decoration and on a student budget so has great ideas for DIY decorations!

4. The Chef

Spirited Away anime happy food studio ghibli GIF
Pretty self-explanatory isn't it? These sorts of flatmates are sent from God!

5. The Connected One

 wink michael scott steve carell GIF
This one can sort you out - whether it’s guest list for clubs or gigs, or even free food or store discounts. As the saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know.


1. The Crush

 disney lovely blush blushing skunky GIF
Try and picture any other circumstance where this might be normal and you won't find one! Sure, it might be exciting now, but chances are, in six months it will be the furthest thing from fun since, well, ever.

2. The Frenemy

 fashion no blog reality tv nope GIF
We're only in the second term. So if you've already got into a big argument with this person already, it's only bound to get worse. 

3. The Party Animal
Girls Trip fun party drinks turn up GIF

Sure, we all like having fun and having a party etc but there are some people who don't know when to stop. They'll keep you awake during exams and won't care if you're trying to sleep, eat, watch TV or just be normal!

4. The Alien

The one you have literally nothing in common with. You're probably not going to find someone exactly like you - and that's fine, diversity shakes things up a bit! But if you both look at each other like you're aliens, it's going to make for an incredibly awkward year.

5. Mr/Mrs Big Spender
Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director britney spears money cash rich GIF

Not to be confused with Mr/Mrs Money Bags, this is the one who says things like ‘I’m broke’ a day after they get their student loan. That 'just' a tenner they asked to borrow for the fourth time this month has soon crept up to £40... and you're not sure you'll ever get it back.

Whether you end up best friends or worst enemies with the people you live with in second year, you're sure to have some fun along the way. After all, it's the experience, right?

ahenry is part of the content team and is an excellent netballer.
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