Smoking Disciplinary Actions & Charges

By Skaur 21 Sep 2016

When it gets tough you might fancy a quick puff, but be cautious and take extra care or you might end up with a Penalty Fare!


If anyone is found to be smoking cigarettes & E cigarettes within University Accommodation, they will be issued with the following:

  • First offence - First Warning and a £50.00 charge.
  • Second Offence - Final Warning and an £80.00 Charge
  • Thereafter, £80.00 each time any evidence of smoking within the room or communal area is found, the student's details should be passed to the Conducts & Appeals Unit and the student may be serviced with a Notice to Quit.

Upon the occupant vacates the room, a deep cleaning charge of £250 will be levied against the student by raising an invoice (if the smoke is in the room).

Fire Doors

All doors within the accommodation are Fire Doors and are there to protect you in the event of a fire. It is a disciplinary offence to wedge open a fire door.

Smoke Detectors

Fire Penalty Issues to the student;

Malicious Activations

  • First Malicious activation of a fire alarm - £250.00, Final warning & Anti-Social Behavioural; Contract signed.
  • Second Malicious Activation of a fire alarm - £300.00, Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit - (This may result in the student receiving a notice to quit accommodation of being suspended pending an investigation)

Failure to Evacuate

  • First offence - £30.00 & first warning
  • Second Offence - £50.00 & final warning
  • Third Offence - £50.00 & Information sent to Conducts & Appeals Unit

Smoke Detector Covered or Tampered with

  • First Offence - £80.00, Final warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract signed. 
  • Second offence - £150.00, Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit - (This may result in the student receiving a Notice to Quit accommodation or being suspended pending an investigation.

Breakage of Glass

  • First Offence - £30.00 & First warning
  • Second Offence - £70.00, Final warning & Anti-Social Behavioural Contract
  • Thereafter - £70.00 Passed to Conducts & Appeals Unit 

If the perpetrator cannot be found the charge will be shared between all of the residents of that corridor and all will be issued with the relevant warning.

So why not put your student loan to good use and save your bank account from this financial abuse!

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