Mocktails to help with that January recovery

By BzAimee 06 Jan 2017

After an over-indulgent December you might just need a detox from all the turkey, cake and tubs of Heroes chocolates...

These fruity mocktails will keep you nicely on that path to a healthy January, and make you feel more energised and refreshed in the process.

Here's something for that well needed burst of energy...

Drivers Punch 

  1. Freeze 50g cranberries covered with water until solid
  2. Mix 50ml cranberry juice with 250ml blood orange juice & the juice from ½ lime in a large jug
  3. Smash the frozen cranberries into shards and place in the bottom of a glass, then add a wedge of lime & orange
  4. Pour over fruit juice then top with 300ml Appletiser

Try this to keep you warm as the weather gets colder...

Mulled Apple Juice

  1. Simmer 500ml apple juice with strips of orange peel, 1/2 cinnamon stick & 2 cloves for 5-10 minutes until the flavours infuse
  2. Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste
  3. Serve with orange peel and/or a small piece of a cinnamon stick
    Mulled Hot Apple Drink 2

You'll feel king after having...

Hera's Crown

  1. Add 5oz orange juice, 5oz lemon juice & 1oz grenadine to a shaker with ice & shake well
  2. Add 2oz carbonated water (or lemonade) then stir
  3. Pour into a cocktail glass with icegarnish with an orange wedge

Can't take no-mo' cocktails? Try the...


  1. Mix 1oz lime juice, 2tsp brown sugar and 6 mint leaves (bruised first using a spoon to allow juices to come out) 
  2. For best results let this rest for 3 hours
  3. Fill glass with ice and stir, then top with 4oz carbonated water (or lemonade)
  4. Add a twig of mint for decoration & enjoy!

Sometimes that cleansing lemon water just doesn't cut it and you need something more exciting - without the dreaded morning-after effects!

So give these a try- we dare you not to like them!


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