How to pass your kitchen inspection every time!

By campuslife 20 Sep 2016

I have a what?!....A Cleaner!?

That’s right, your block will be allocated with it’s very own cleaner for the year! They will be popping into your block every day to keep things tip top.

They won't clean your bedroom but they will make sure the communal areas are clean and tidy. 

It goes without saying to be nice to your cleaner, you're going to be seeing a lot of them! They're not only there to make your halls feel homely but they'll be coming to check your flat during the weekly inspection.

If your kitchen is left in a state it can result in you handing over some cash if you fail the inspection ...

On a weekly basis your cleaner will be coming to inspect your kitchen. They will inspect it Sherlock style to check for any clues as to whether you will need to be charged for lack of cleanliness.

If they find any evidence, you have 24 hours to get it sorted or you may be charged £15 per person, which let's face it, is better spent on food! 

There are some really simple ways to keep your kitchen clean and tidy so you pass that inspection with flying colours...

  • Clean as you go, whenever sauce splashes onto the hob, clean it up ASAP before it dries and is a nightmare to get off. 
  • To gain a little more space, remember to only put recyclable items in the recycling bin in your kitchen.
  • Wash your own dishes, the last thing you need is an argument with your flatmates!
  • Empty the bins regularly to avoid a game of bin jenga, nobody wants to be making food around a smelly bin!
  • Pour boiling water down the drain on a regular basis to keep it from blocking up with oil and fat.
  • Set up a cleaning rota with the rest of your flatmates (based on our calculations this means less cleaning for you)

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