Accommodation Rent Payment Dates

By bwoolley 21 Jun 2016

Your Accommodation Rent

How do I pay for my accommodation rent?

All students staying in the University’s Accommodation are liable for accommodation fees.  This means that you must pay, or arrange to be paid on your behalf, all fees and charges for accommodation provided by the University of Wolverhampton, by the set due dates. If you have any queries please contact the Income Section of the Finance Department at or 01902 321256 for further details.

How and when to pay the Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fees are due for payment either:

  • In advance of arrival
  • On arrival
  • On receipt of an invoice. The dates for payments will be stated on the invoice

By instalments by means of a bank direct debit

The University offers you the opportunity to pay your accommodation fees via direct debit, this is done in three installments and must be drawn on a UK bank or building society. The instalment dates for these methods of payment are:

  • Instalment 1: 18th October 2016

  • Instalment 2: 10th January 2017

  • Instalment 3: 25th April 2017

If you choose to pay by this method, failure to pay could result in the administration charge (see below) being applied.


Payments can be made online here

If you are paying in advance of your invoice, please type ADVANCE in the Invoice Number field.

This payment will be allocated to your account and matched against you accommodation invoice.

At a campus cashier

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Cashiers' offices are located in MX Building for City Campus, and in Telford and Walsall campuses.

Administration charge

An administration charge of £100 for an academic year, £50 for each semester or any other variations, will be payable by any customers that either do not pay in full in advance or do not pay in instalments by means of a bank direct debit. Failure to make payments in accordance with the direct debit mandate will also result in the administration fee being applied.


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