Accommodation Assistants: What do they do?

By JNell 17 Jan 2017

At accommodation services, we love it when our residents get involved in accommodation life! We even pay them to do it! But what does being an Accommodation Assistant involve?

Accommodation assistants work flexible hours, this means that if you're buried under assignments and cant get away from your desk to do a shift for a while, we understand and give you time to study.

This also means that when you're not so bogged down, you can grab any shifts we have on offer and save up some rainy day cash!

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Accommodation assistants work mainly on their campus during open days and special events, but you can take shifts across City, Walsall and Telford if you want, which means you get to see more of the uni!

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You can even get involved in the office if admin is your thing!

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We offer great training! So whether you're looking for some extra cash while your busy studying, or experience for your CV, you'll come out of the job with more knowledge and training to take into the workplace!

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 If you're interested, you can submit an application via 

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