5 Things We Can Learn From Batman

By ECollins 18 May 2016

Whilst you are getting swept up in all the new and exciting things happening at Uni, it’s still important to keep yourself safe. So why not take some tips off Batman himself...


  •  Batman doesn’t park his Batmobile on a dark street with his doors unlocked so don’t leave your valuables on show for anyone to grab
  • Even Batman had an intercom. Nobody gets into the Batcave without permission so nobody should get into your residence without their own access card.
  • Have you ever seen Batman FaceTiming on his way to the shops or walking around with Beats headphones on? No. He’s always vigilant and ready for anything so make sure you are aware of your surroundings
  • What is Batman without Robin? They are always side by side, so take a leaf out of their book and buddy up with some mates when out and about.
  • Batman doesn’t take the easy route out, so don’t take the shortcut when getting around, instead take the Safer Walking Route.

    day batman out batman day



ECollins is Residential Life Officer for Accommodation Services - foodie, book lover, campervan mad...well just mad in general.
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