10 thoughts every student has when writing essays

By Skaur 03 Dec 2016

#1 –I don’t even understand the question!

When you read the essay question and come across words which you have never seen or heard of in your life. This makes writing an essay that extra bit more difficult.  

#2- What relevance does this question even have with this book!

Who cares about what significance the colour pink has in this book?

#3- A 2000 word essay!

I can’t even think of 10 words to write for the essay

#4- Remind me why I chose this course again?

Nope i can't even answer that right now. That's a whole different essay topic.

#5- Imma be brave and tackle it. I can do this!

Momma told me to never give up!

#6- I have worked on this essay for 2 hours today. That’s more than enough. Now let me have a break for about a week.


Yh momma brought me up to never give up but all I wanna do right now is relax, watch TV and then see what's happening on Facebook.

#7- Hopefully my lecturer will be kind enough to extend the deadline.

Crosses all fingers and toes.

#8- I’ll be happy with just a pass.


Yh it's okay if i get 40% in at least one of my assignments.

#9- If I use some big words then maybe my lecturer will be convinced that I really know what I’m talking about?

Hence, thus, exemplify, convey... Yh just call me the Oxford dictionary

#10- Let’s just hope for the best (hands the essay in). 

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