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Staying safe on a night out

By JForrester 12 Oct 2020

Going to university can be a very exciting time and a chance to create some amazing memories, but it can be easy to get a bit too carried away...

Whilst it can be tempting to try and impress your new friends it is still important to keep level headed. We won't tell you not to have fun and enjoy your time because you should be making the most of it but keeping yourself safe is key.

There are a few simple ways in which you can make sure yourself and others stay unharmed and safe when you are on a night out.
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  1. Charge your phone before a night out. Making sure your phone is fully charged before you head out is important. Losing your friends in an unfamiliar city can be scary, especially if you have no battery to call anyone.
  2. Double-check taxis. In Bristol Uber or Ola are the best apps for getting a taxi quickly at any time of the day. There are also two taxi companies that are local to both campuses -  Frenchay Taxis and Bristol Parkway Taxis .Don’t be tempted to use unlicensed taxis because they may be cheaper - there is no price on your safety. If accepting a lift do you know the person you are travelling with? Don’t accept lifts with strangers however nice they appear.
  3. No fuss with the bus. There are many late busses back to Frenchay Campus and even some that run late through the night, but these are on a reduced schedule. If you are travelling late at night make yourself aware of the bus times before leaving home, if there is a last bus make sure that you don't miss it. If you are travelling alone aim to sit near other people or the driver or near others.
  4. Shout bye... When you are leaving your accommodation for a night out and getting into a taxi, a good trick is to shout bye, even if there is no one in the house, you never want to come back to any nasty surprises.
  5. Stick together... Your mum might have always said this, but you have safety in numbers so stay together. Don't leave people behind and if you are leaving somewhere make sure you have got everyone.
  6. Watch your drinks... Don't leave your drink unattended and definitely don't 'mind sweep' if you can't afford to buy drinks then it's probably not the best idea to go out. 
  7. Know your boundaries... If you're having a good time, know your limits, in terms of alcohol and if you meet someone. Remember that no means no and don't feel pressured into doing anything.
  8. Trust your instincts... If something doesn't feel right then it usually isn't, trust your gut. If you get yourself into a situation you don't want to be in then walk away.
  9. Don't walk alone... Walking home alone after a night out is never a good idea, ring a friend, get a taxi or public transport, don't become an easy target and plus it will save you from blisters. If you do have to walk to a certain location to catch a bus or taxi, try not to walk along on your phone or listening to your iPod on really loud. Be aware of phone/iPod ‘oblivion;’ that is not be aware of events happening around you
  10. Ask for Angela campaign... If you have met up with someone and you feel unsafe in the situation, ask the bar for 'Angela' and they will help you get out of the situation.

Enjoy yourself and have fun at university it is a new and exciting time, but just think twice before you go and do something you may regret.

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