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Repairs Request

By UWEaccomm 06 Oct 2018

Residents must report repair requests or damages to Accommodation Services as soon as they can. Please complete the form at the following link and we'll get right on it (in line with our agreed SLA's):

Accommodation Repairs Request Form´╗┐

Repairs and planned maintenance will be completed by UWE Bristol approved contractors. If you have reported a fault you should expect a contractor to visit. You do not need to be present in the property and Accommodation Services will issue a key for access directly to the contractor. A calling card will be left in your room when a contractor enters your room/property.

 To find out how quickly we will arrange for the work to be done see our Repairs Service Standards.

Emergency repairs - contact details:´╗┐

Emergency repairs should be reported in person or by telephone to the Customer Service Desk at Cotswold Court +44 (0)117 3286227 or Wallscourt Park +44(0)117 3287364.  

If you are unable to contact a Customer Service Desk, telephone the University emergency number on +44(0)117 965 6775.

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