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My top 10 Netflix binge-worthy series

By FrenchayRAs 06 Jan 2021

With Lockdown 3.0 upon us, there's only one thing to do - Netflix!

Here are my top 10 binge-worthy series, perfect for a duvet day!

1. Selling Sunset

The series that I have literally just spent the last 2 days binge watching! Based in Hollywood Hills, this series gave me ‘The Hills’ vibes – if you’ve watched the Hills then Selling Sunset will be right up your street! The reality show follows the lives of real estates who compete to sell the best homes in Hollywood and Sunset high street. Not only will you be dribbling over these $20 million priced homes but also of their glamorous lifestyles. But what kind of reality would it be if there wasn’t drama? Trust me there’s lots!

2. White Collar

A fictional based series where a prisoner escapes in the search to find his girlfriend despite only having 1 day left in prison, the FBI find him and realise there’s a reason why he chose to escape. Hence, they make a deal with Neal, the prisoner, for him to work for the FBI for 4 years instead of going back to prison. Neal closes so many cases for the FBI, and you fall in-love with his character (also helps that he’s so dreamy!). Behind the scenes, Neal receives many blackmail messages and aims find his girlfriend, to eventually discover a big surprise that doesn’t end well.

3. Love Is Blind

 The series that no one could stop talking about. 11 Males and 11 Females are put into cubes to speak and get to know each other and choose whether love is blind and decide to pop the question! You watch couples grow and anticipate who will go ahead with the wedding. You will be shocked by the outcome!

4. Tiger King 

A series that broke the internet. With many calling the series awful but addictive! With secrets unfolding, speculations building, animal obsessing, feuds growing and new romance – the series includes it all. You meet Joe Exotic, who calls himself the ‘Tiger King’, owning a zoo filled with 50+ tigers and he presents his crazy life. Competing with other tiger zoos, he ends up in a terrible position and ultimately taken to prison. The series raises awareness that tigers should be left in their natural habitat, the wild. All zoos claim theirs is the best but at the end of the day all are as bad as each other. 

5. Atypical

I fell in love with this series back in December, a very educational one for me. You follow the lives of the Gardener family and how they each support Sam through every aspect of his life. It’s a heart warmer with hilarious moments. Sam realises he is ready for romance and confides in best friend, Zahid, who is crazy! I would love a best friend like Zahid!

6. Too Hot to Handle

A series we would never be ready for! Hot singles are put on an island, similar set up to Love Island where they have no contact with the outside world and are in their own bubble. Lana, a robot, releases the ‘rules’ all the islanders have to follow for the $100,000 cash prize. But the rules did not go down well because these frisky islanders are told they cannot have any sexual interaction – the look on their faces was priceless! Do you reckon they could stick to the rules for 4 weeks?

7. After Life

I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far and its unbelievably sad but there is dark humour that makes you enjoy each episode so much. The story begins with Tony watching his past wife’s video she had made him. She gives him advice on how to go forward, and you really feel his pain. Tony’s nice-guy persona is altered into an impulsive, uncaring attitude where he speaks his mind and you can’t help but relate to his savageness. It’s a must watch.  

8. Sex Education

At first, I really wasn’t into this series, I watched the first episode and decided it wasn’t for me, thinking it was childish. I also didn’t like how the set up was in the 50’s yet all of the characters had the latest gadgets – it didn’t sit right with me. However, my 24-year-old cousin and housemates kept raving about it, so I tried it again and couldn’t put it down. The story line is about a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother at his high school, embarrassed by this he decides to team up with a classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school – find out what happens when his mother discovers this was going on behind her back!

9. Fresh Meat

Any University student will relate to this series, they create stereotypes of university students. Sarcasm, weirdness and the pure reality of what it’s like living at University is provided throughout. No doubt you will relate to at least 1 of the 6 main characters. There are so many moments of laughter as you really fall in love with all 4 series.

10. Good Girls 

Watching the first episode will have you on the edge of your seat. 3 women decide to rob a supermarket for their own reasons. The confident, independent women have the right motive behind the robbery, and surprisingly you can empathise with each of them and their difficult situations. But the mafia discovers them and wants a piece of their cake. Without a doubt things become a little dangerous, and with threats off Rio, leader of the mafia, will the girls sink or swim?