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MOVE - Online Classes

By JForrester 29 Mar 2020

Mini Workouts

Check out our Instagram page for mini workouts with our personal trainers, check our story highlights for a shortcut!

Online classes

To take part in our free classes just download Zoom and use the links below at the scheduled time to connect to an online exercise class. Before you join please read the following guidance:

  • Please be aware that you are participating in this class/workout at your own risk.
  • Take a look around the area you are exercising in. Ensure that you have a non-slip surface and that you are free and clear of all objects and obstructions.
  • Finally, please avoid activities that you feel may aggravate any current injuries, aches or pains; or any other known medical conditions or concerns.

Full Exercise Class Timetable: Week Commencing Monday 1 June

Full Exercise Class Timetable:

Updated 29_05 Timetable

MONDAY 07:30: Legs Bums and Tums with Faye / Password: uwebristol
MONDAY 12:30: Pilates with Faye / Password: uwebristol
MONDAY 18:00: Yoga with Georgia / Password: uwebristol
MONDAY 19:15: HIIT with Mary / Password: uwebristol

TUESDAY 07:00: Yoga with Yolanda / Password: uwebristol
TUESDAY 11:00: Yoga with George / Password: uwebristol
TUESDAY 12:30: Conditioning with Sue / Password: uwebristol
TUESDAY 18:00: Circuits with Aaron / Password: uwebristol

WEDNESDAY 07:00: Conditioning with Caz / Password: uwebristol
WEDNESDAY 12:30: Yoga with George / Password: uwebristol
WEDNESDAY 18:00: HIIT with Jason / Password: uwebristol
WEDNESDAY 19:30: Pilates with Faye / Password: uwebristol

THURSDAY 09:15: Pilates with Miri / Password: uwebristol
THURSDAY 12:30: Intermediate Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Claire / Password: uwebristol
THURSDAY 12:30: Wellbeing Walk
THURSDAY 17:30: Legs Bums and Tums with Sam / Password: uwebristol
THURSDAY 19:00: Pilates with Jacqui / Password: uwebristol

Our Tai Chi class is for those already familiar with this mindful practice. Join our instructor through these gentle exercises and stretches as your body flows from one posture into the next without pause. Often described as meditation in motion Tai Chi connects the mind and the body to keep you present in each flowing movement.

FRIDAY 07:00: HIIT with Jason / Password: uwebristol
FRIDAY 12:30: Yoga with Georgia / Password: uwebristol
FRIDAY 17:30: Ab Attack with Lara / Password: uwebristol
FRIDAY 19:00: Yoga with Georgia / Password: uwebristol

SATURDAY 09:00: HIIT with Caz / Password: uwebristol

SUNDAY 10:00: Pilates with Mary / Password: uwebristol

Circuits Classes use bodyweight exercises with the option of adding extra weight if you would like to. The instructor will outline the exercises involved at the beginning of the class so you can organise any extra weights or household objects you might like to incorporate.

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