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Lockdown 3.0 - Workouts in your room

By JForrester 06 Jan 2021

As we are all self-isolating, we all have a lot of time on our hands, if you want the time to pass a lot quicker, then planning activities you can do each day will have you flying through the days.

We've put together some simple workouts you can do from your own room.

Burn fat in bed

If you struggle to get up in the morning, then a workout from your own bed sounds too good to be true right? Wrong, this is actually a thing! Be sure to check out this 5-minute fat-burning workout, a perfect activity to wake yourself up in the mornings.

Keep in shape at your desk

Most uni rooms come fitted with a desk and little floor space, so workouts you can do at your desk gives you no excuse. This 10-minute workout is the perfect exercise to do when you need a break from revision or whilst you're waiting for your dinner to cook.

Workout whilst watching TV

Your favourite tv shows started but summers just around the corner and you still haven’t started working out yet. Try working out whilst watching your favourite shows! This one is particularly good to do if you want to have fun and tone up.

Increase the intensity

If you go to the gym a lot and want a high-intensity workout, or have been doing some other exercise videos in your room but want to test yourself, follow this Joe Wicks HIIT workout. With no equipment needed this simple yet effective workout will definitely get your pulses racing.

Stretch it out

Although this may seem like a warm down, stretching is actually really good for you and it's something most of us forget to do. Whether it's on its own, after a workout, or before bed, this is a great activity to add to your daily routine.

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