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How has your first term been?

By JemmaBlogger 27 Nov 2019


I thought I'd give you an update since my first post about my Freshers Week experience and it’s fair to say that I haven’t had the best of luck…

In my previous post I mentioned how I’d been lucky enough to avoid the dreaded ‘Freshers Flu’, so what happened? The day after I was full-up with the flu (talk about jinxing myself!)

And then, just as I thought I was getting better, I woke up with a cold that was complemented with a painful cough, which later that week led to me having bruised intercoastal muscles from coughing so much. This made walking and even laughing very painful…

Then I thought that I couldn’t possibly catch anything else but…Bam! ANOTHER COLD!

That first aid kit has been my saviour for the past couple of months!

Being so unwell for so long led to me feeling completely drained both mentally and physically. I was left with a massive workload from my course, which in turn led to me feeling overwhelmed with stress.

As well as this, I found that I was isolating myself from everyone a lot in comparison to how sociable I was at the start of the term…The joys of being a student, eh?!

I didn’t expect my course to be so demanding in terms of assignments so early on, but nevertheless I’m still finding it interesting and enjoyable. One of my highlights of my first term is when I went on a field trip with my course to Dartmoor National Park!

Overall, it’s fair to say that a main concern of mine during this term has been my health and I’m making it a main priority of mine right now to get myself back on track with my degree and to eat more of those veggies!

A more recent concern, which I’m sure a lot of other students will relate to, is in terms of money. However, I’m in the safe zone as I’ve also managed to bag myself a part-time job. I’ve had some luck after all, yay!

Have a nice Christmas break and I'll catch up with you all next term!

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