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HallsLife Taskmaster

By JForrester 22 Feb 2021

Are you up for the challenge? Throughout March we will be hosting our very own HallsLife TASKMASTER competition! 

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How it works

Every week we will be releasing 3 tasks, you must complete one, but you can complete more for bonus points. We will give you any materials you need to complete the tasks! 

  1. Sign up by sending your team name and where you live to or just send photos of the completed task to each week 
  2. Every Monday we will release three tasks – you must complete one, but you can complete more for bonus points! If you need any materials we will deliver them to your door! 
  3. You have until the end of the week to complete the task. Send us picture of your task back to 

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For the team with the most points at the end of the competition - A NINTENDO WI will be up for grabs, we will also have 3 lush sharing hampers for grabs each week!

Week 1 Tasks

A. Create the best domino rally.

This can be done with dominos or anything else you have to hand - see the video belof for inspiration . If you need dominos let us know 

B. Silently recreate a famous movie scene  

C. Tallest Tower Challenge

 Construct the tallest tower using only spaghetti pasta and marshmallows - if you want to have a crack at this task - but don't have marshmallows let us know!

Send your evidence/picture of your completed task to