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Glenside Post Room

By JForrester 05 May 2020

The Glenside Post Room provides a complimentary service to ensure the safe/secure receipt of your parcels.

It is situated in H-block opposite porters lodge near the Traders Café and is for student residing in Glenside and Hollies accommodation.

Current post room opening hours:

Monday - Sunday 9:30 - 18:00

a screenshot of a cell phone
a screenshot of a cell phone

Royal Mail & post boxes

  • Royal Mail will deliver post directly to the post boxes located in different areas near your house
  • Your post box is the same number as your house/flat & is shared with your whole house/flat
  • Each post-box is secured with a coded padlock: you should be given your post box number when you move in, contact a Resident Assistant if you're not sure of your code
  • Please check your post box regularly and ensure that the padlock is secured afterwards.
  • If any damage to the padlock, please report Wallscourt Customer Service desk


  • Couriers should always try to deliver directly to you, either at your house or via the intercom to your flat
  • Arrange a delivery time that you are available at
  • Couriers are not allowed into student village so therefore you should sign and collect your parcel at the pavilion
  • If you are not in the courier will deliver to the post room 

Processing, collecting and returns

  • If you use our complimentary service, be aware that parcels can take up to 48 hours to process - maybe longer if it is over a weekend/bank holiday. 
  • During busy periods, e.g. Black Friday, processing can take +72 hours. Therefore we recommend you always be in to receive parcels, or make an order as far in advance so it is available to you when you need it. 
  • When we have received a parcel for you, we will notify you when it is available to pick up. Please come to pick it up as quickly as possible following this email.
  • If we haven't sent you this email notifying you to come and collect something, your parcel is not ready to collect and we will not be able to let you to collect it.
  • BE AWARE: even if your courier notifies you that your parcel has been delivered to us, you cannot collect it from us until we have processed it and emailed you ourselves.
  • You have 14 days to collect your parcel from us, after this period it will be returned to sender
  • Due to data protection and privacy laws, we are unable to release your parcel without any photo ID (student ID, driving license/ passport). Please bring one form of ID to avoid disappointment <3
  • The post room does not operate a returns service

Collecting on behalf of a friend

  • You can nominate a friend to collect your parcel
  • But first you must email us your full name and student ID, request for a friend to collect it and provide their name and student number
  • They will need to bring their student ID when they collect this for you

Sending letter and parcels

  • The nearest place to send parcels is the Co-op in Fishponds

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