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Ezekiel's top tips for Freshers'

By JForrester 12 Sep 2019

What are you studying and what year of study are you in?

I studied Law LLB(Hons) and graduated on 19th July 2019. I am continuing my studies at UWE, studying for Barrister course( BPTC) along with Master in Law (LLM) next year.

Which accommodation are/were you staying in?

I lived in one of the Wallscourt houses which houses 12 people. I amazed at the size of my room and bed as the photos in the UWE websites does not do them justice.

Did you manage to get in contact with anyone living in your flat or building before you moved in?

Sadly, I did not managed to contact with any of my housemates as I did not know how, but everyone was so friendly.

Join your halls group to see if you can find your new flatmates here - https://www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/community/hallslife/facebook/

What’s the best thing about living in Halls on Frenchay?

In my opinion, the best thing about living in Frenchay campus is the accessibility as everything is a stone throw away coupled with various bus services so going anywhere like London or the city is a breeze.

What are your tips for Fresher’s?

The best way to enjoy Freshers week, for me, is planning because you could easily get distracted by various reasons and the Freshers fair is a huge event with tons of things going at the same time. Plan what you want to do like joining a specific club or look for a specific community to fit it to.

However, if you want to just have fun being lost in events then be my guest because that a great way to enjoy it because you never know what hidden gem you stumble onto. 

Another point to note, many outlets are offering special deals and discounts during Freshers week , both at Freshers fair, in the city and online, so keep your eyes peeled for them. For instance, the SU shop  had a one one-day deal where all of its merchandise was discounted, the offers were steal. Plus, the bus services were also at Freshers’ Fair, to promote and give out goodies at this event. Be  sure to be there early because it can get really crowded & the freebies run out, be sure to take advantage them. There are also plenty of plenty try out sessions for all the sport clubs like archery, dance classes and etc. 

What’s the best way to make new friends?

The best way for me to make new friends is to find something that interests you and hunt for events and societies that does just that. If you don’t have a particular interest in the sports or hobbies department, there is always the clubs that focuses on nationality: HK society and UWE Malaysian society. Although you may not originate from that specific country, that should not deter you from joining.

I have joined a Malaysian Society as I am Malaysian, Law society as I am a law student, Badminton Club, Chess Club and Board games society. I love Board games society particularly because the people there are very chilled out and like to mingle and socialise so the centre focus is not to hone a particular skill but to have a great time. This is also true for Malaysian Society, they have tons of events.

What advice would you give someone coming to Uni for the first time?

Have fun, but be careful, don’t get peer pressured into anything you do not want to do, it’s totally ok to say ‘no’ when you are uncomfortable with anything. Finding the right friends at university is key to enjoying your experience, but this may take a while, don’t expect to make all your best uni friends at the beginning of your experience. It may seem like everyone is making really great connection straight away but this is probably not the case.

Don’t hide in your room, get out and socialise with people and look out for all your friends and they will look out for you 

What are you looking forward to, when you finish your studies?

I am looking forward to travel the world or at least most of Europe and UK while I am still a student and putting my hard earn money to good use.

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