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Disciplinary Flow Charts

By JForrester 07 Oct 2020

As a member of the University, and a resident of University accommodation, you are expected to work and behave, both within and outside the institution, in ways that reflect the University’s values and to be considerate and respectful of others at all times. For the majority of residents, this won’t be a problem.

Below are three flow charts which explain the procedures followed when disciplinary action needs to be taken. 

Anti-Social_behaviour_flow_chart.docx (62KB)

🔼 Anti-social Behaviour flowchart - download above 🔼

Drugs_flow_chart.docx (43KB)

🔼 Drugs flowchart download above🔼

Fire_flow_chart.docx (33KB)

🔼 Fire flowchart download above🔼

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