Could you do without that hangover?

By BzAimee 06 Jan 2017

There's one simple answer to this question - yes.

Waking up with a pounding headache and the inability to move from our beds, telling ourselves that's the last time- we could all do without it!

What we should really be asking is WHAT could you do without that hangover?

  • Tricky decision 
    Struggling to choose between Korma or Tikka Masala? Having a hangover makes it difficult to make even the simplest of decisions.
    anchorman choices angry frustrated regret
  • In the mood for food?
    Probably. But that doesn't mean what you eat will satisfy you. It just won't taste the same.
    food pizza no good why
    Take a night off the sauce and enjoy a meal out with mates. 
  • Mr/Mrs Unsociable
    Stringing a sentence together and actually having to deal with the outside world can be tough when you're sleep deprived from a night out. 
    online most hangover sandra bland ranked
  • Jump around!
    Staying off the booze means not feeling queasy at the thought of movement, giving you energy to do anything! Gym anyone?
    Cheezburger animal jumping africa gazelle
  • Stuffy and puffy
    Date night? Probably not the best idea to organise it after a night out. The after effects of drinking alcohol include dehydration, which can give a serious case of face puffiness...
  • Keep calm and relax
    After a night out, your brain is in high-excitability stage which isn't ideal for trying to sleep off that hangover!
    tv funny big bang theory actors sheldon
  • Need a little cry?
    Using up all those endorphins on the dance floor last night means small things become a big deal and you feel emotionally spent.
    Paramount Movies movies crying mean girls gretchen weiners
  • Dragged out on a 'school night'?
    Even typing is unimaginable due to a lack of concentration. Imagine the work you could do without that hangover!
    happy game jared leto blaine anderson paul mccartney

Hangovers are thought to be mini withdrawal syndromes so when alcohol leaves your system your brain does the opposite. Therefore if you feel happy, energised and decisive when drunk, what do you think's going to happen on a hangover?

Take part in Dry January and you can actually enjoy the weekends! Read about other benefits of taking part here.

It's your decision, you have been warned...

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