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Cleaning Video Competition - Cash Prizes!

By UWEaccomm 04 Dec 2017

Seeking fame and fortune? Video Competition – Accommodation Cleaning 

We’re looking for the next world-wide internet video stars and would like you creative geniuses to create a short video of you and/or your flatmates cleaning some specific parts of your UWE Managed Accommodation. We would then like to use these videos to help advise future generations on how to easily and effectively look after the trickier parts of their Accommodation, thus affording you ever-lasting stardom! £50 cash prize for every successful video selected and approved by Accommodation Services. The £50 can be split between all film making residents.

We want 5 videos in total, you can submit as many as you like from the following:

Sorting & Removing your Recycling Cleaning your Oven/Grill Cooking Hobs and Splashback/Tiles Toilets and bathroom sinks Bathroom floor/Wall tiles 

Video submissions must meet our conditions as set out in the ‘small print’ below.

Be creative, be brilliant and above all else do a great job cleaning! Any questions please email Subject title: Cleaning video competition. Thanks for taking part and good luck The Accommodation Team.



Small Print:

For us to actually be allowed to use your videos there are certain conditions that must be met:

  • Appropriate language and visual appearance throughout please! i.e. no swearing and no nakedness!
  • It should be short, snappy and to the point. Timelapse is fine. (How long a video would you be willing to watch?).
  • The item being cleaned needs to be clearly dirty/grubby/used *before*, so that the viewers can see it actually being cleaned and the sparkling finished item!
  • You must use appropriate and easily acquired tools and products (i.e. toilet brush & bleach, oven cleaner, protective gloves and scourer pads). Ideally using products purchased in our local Supermarkets or outlets.
  • It must be shot in your own UWE Bristol Managed Accommodation, with the prior consent of your flatmates.
  • It needs to be narrated/commentated clearly using simple language (think of our International friends).
  • It doesn’t need to win any Bafta’s, but it must be in focus, good lighting and shot in *landscape* format on your smartphone/digital camera/camcorder in a format we can easily use on Windows platform.
  • It needs to be of reasonable size and quality for web use (general modern day smart phone standard or better).
  • Any video submitted assumes full consent for Accommodation Services to use it in an online platform for future students to access. The very best videos may also be used in a marketing context for an external audience, unless this is expressly denied by request on submission.


Video’s will need to be saved onto a portable USB memory stick and brought the Accommodation Office (1US, Carroll Court) for the attention of Sam Brandram/Emma Bargery, where we will download and check it runs, and sign consent to use it. At the endo of the completion the data sticks will be returned to you.

The closing date for entries is 31st January 2018 and where we have multiple entries for each category the Accommodation Team will be judging and making final decisions on prize winners by 9th February.



Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

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