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Bee Friendly This Spring!

By JForrester 22 Mar 2021

Spring is this perfect time of year for bees to make an appearance in your urban area.

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City Farmers UK is a small independent business, hopeful to supply you with boxes containing the necessary equipment to plant herbs and flowers from home!

Find the box here:

By Subscribing to this box or with a onetime payment, you are providing food not only for yourself but for bees! Keeping herbs such as mint, chives and sage on your windowsill can stop the bee population from declining.

a close up of a flower
  • As a result of having delicious herbs on your windowsill, hopefully you will be visited by lots of bees! The bees could be too tired to return to their hive so need your help to get back.
  • The RSPB suggests mixing two tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of water. Then place the sugar/water mix on a plate or spoon next to herbs you just planted.

There are three types of honeybees in a hive.

  • The queen bee produces eggs to populate the hive.
  • The worker bees, non-reproducing females that collect the pollen and nectar.
  • Drone bees, their main duty is to mate with the queen.

The Importance of Bees

Three reasons why we want to see more bees in the UK

1.       They are perfect pollinators! Over 90% of crops are visited by bees, honeybees in particular travel great distances to look for pollen. The pollen catches on their bodies and passes the pollen onto the next plant- fertilising them. Without bees you could not enjoy your favourite fruits and veggies!

2.       Biodiversity! Bees are at the centre of our ecosystem. Supporting a variety of different flowers and trees which are food and homes for different animals. The co-existence of animals is dependent on bees.

3.       Food Source! Bees are known for producing honey to feed their colonies during the winter. Not only are they producing enough food for themselves but for us and other animals such as insects and badgers.

Without bees, a source of food for animals will be lost and the entire food chain will suffer.

By Ruby Jarvis 

Instagram: Urbanbee2021

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