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a glass of orange juice


#Alcohol Awareness Week - Must try mocktails

By JForrester 16 Nov 2020

Drivers Punch 

  1. Freeze 50g cranberries covered with water until solid
  2. Mix 50ml cranberry juice with 250ml blood orange juice & the juice from ½ lime in a large jug
  3. Smash the frozen cranberries into shards and place in the bottom of a glass, then add a wedge of lime & orange
  4. Pour over fruit juice then top with 300ml Appletiser

Mulled Hot Apple Drink 2

Mulled Apple Cider

  1. Simmer 500ml apple juice with strips of orange peel, 1/2 cinnamon stick & 2 cloves for 5-10 minutes until the flavours infuse
  2. Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste
  3. Serve with orange peel and/or a small piece of a cinnamon stick

Fully Filled Stemmed Glass

Virgin Espresso

  1. Combine espresso shot with ice in a cocktail shaker
  2. Add a shot of water 
  3. Add half a tablespoon of vanilla syrup or coffee syrup
  4. Shake in a cocktail shaker and strain 

Hera's Crown

  1. Add 5oz orange juice, 5oz lemon juice & 1oz grenadine to a shaker with ice & shake well
  2. Add 2oz carbonated water (or lemonade) then stir
  3. Pour into a cocktail glass with ice & garnish with an orange wedge



  1. Mix 1oz lime juice, 2tsp brown sugar and 6 mint leaves (bruised first using a spoon to allow juices to come out) 
  2. For best results let this rest for 3 hours
  3. Fill glass with ice and stir, then top with 4oz carbonated water (or lemonade)
  4. Add a twig of mint for decoration & enjoy!

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