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A Resident Assistant's Top Tips for Moving In!

By FrenchayRAs 10 Jul 2019

Exciting, Eager or Terrified Fear no more! Moving to university is a big transition.

Here, there are tips and advice to make your moving in day much smoother.

1. Make a list
In your checklist, a to-do-list is really helpful. For example, a groceries list of what to buy in a supermarket right after you settle in on your first day like what utensils, bedsheets or just some extra shopping that needs to be done. It is especially true if you are an international student because you would have limited baggage space to fix all your belongings there. This is so that you can know what you left or could not bring to your accommodation. 

Your checklist should have a list of supermarkets near you and nearby eateries so that you won’t feel lost in a new environment. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the surroundings quicker without being overwhelmed.

Next, having a list of easy recipes with ingredients and steps will ease your worries on what to eat to eat for first daunting week. Think about packing some instant food like microwaveable food or instant noodles on stand-by just in case you are not feeling up for it.

2. Meet your new flatmates
Meeting and making the first impression to your future flatmates is crucial as they may be feeling as nervous yet excited as you are. Fun and pleasantries aside, having a house meeting to talk about a slightly more serious stuff like setting ground rules and a cleaning rota is super crucial. As for ground rules, you can start off with introduction of oneself with a discussion of each other’s pet peeves or bad habits. This will allow the moods to not be less tense or awkward and able to access each other’s interest and living habits. However, it is important you cannot be too uptight or stringent with the rules.

3.Cleaning Rota  As for the cleaning rota, it should include the purchasing of cleaning fluids and cleaning appliances. Next, in the kitchen meeting, labelling the storage space and printing out a clear rota is super essential as it will be very beneficial in the long run because prevention is always better than cure.  

4.Have fun! Next, planning to have weekly flat night where the whole house get to gather to have fun and socialise with each other like going out partying, making dinner together, watch a movie or even just chilling in one’s room will dramatically improve your relationship with your housemate.  This is because this will give you the chance to have actual communication with each other rather than having your normal ‘hi’ and ‘bye’.

In short, be adaptive and plan things before its too late and I hope these tips are applicable to you and hope your transition to your home for the next year is memorable one.

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