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5 Ways to bag bargain food, in Bristol!

By JForrester 09 Sep 2019

Fancy a takeaway or a meal out, but don't think you can afford it ?  Well your student loan wont last forever, but there are ways that you can make it last longer and still enjoy the odd meal out or take out.

1.Student Beans

Food can be very expensive nowadays, especially when you’re eating out, and who doesn’t enjoy eating out every once in a while? As a student, you can create an account with ‘Student Beans’ where you’ll find loads of discounts on any food you fancy, e.g. 30% off at Pizza Express and 35% of Dominos

2. Wriggle

Think Student Beans, but more independent cafes & local Bristol restaurants. Visit the website or download the app, each week they release deals for different restaurants and cafes. They also sell tickets to foodie events in Bristol, so get looking.

3. Too Good To Go

My personal favourite....  To Good To Go sell 'Magic Bags' each day, that are filled with surplus food from restaurants, shops & cafes in Bristol. The food they sell would usually be thrown away at the end of the day, but is perfectly safe to eat, not to mention delicious surprise (you don't know what your getting). Download the app, support the food waste revolution and bag yourself a tasty treat, at the same time.

4. Your NUS card

A simple flash of your student card will be enough to get you a discount in many places, for example Pizza Express, ZiZis, Las Iguanos & more.  Whenever you go to a bar, restaurant or cafe, make sure you check if they offer student discounts. Many places in student areas such as the Triangle or Gloucester Road will offer these discounts, but you have to be savvy and make sure your on the look out. Some places will offer discounts at certain times or days of the week so look out for this too.

You can also get money off in supermarkets like the co-op using your NUS card

5. Groupon

The golden oldie of the discount world, but definitely worth taking a look at.  If you fancy a meal out, they offer up some cracking discounts in both local and chain restaurants.

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