Playing it safe...

By BzSarah 11 Jan 2016

Spent your first term making friends and feeling pretty popular? 

All your hard work will be undone if you wake everyone up to stand outside your halls in the freezing cold after setting the smoke alarms off.

 If you want to avoid a false alarm you need to take notice of a few things:

  • Incase you hadn't realised yet there are fire doors, smoke detectors and safety posters in every room.
  • Might seem obvious but you can't smoke in any part of your residences........or you will face a hefty fine!
  • Candles and incense are a big no no for obvious reasons, why not go out for a candle lit dinner instead?
  • Don't cook anything in your room, even toast, the walk to the kitchen will do you good.
  • Freshening up in a hurry? Be sure to avoid using aerosols near the smoke detectors or your 'fashionable lateness' will be taken one step too far.
  • Don't leave your cooking unattended and if you do burn it in front of your eyes turn on the extractor fans (usually above the cooker) and open the windows.
  • Noticed any damaged equipment? Report it to the halls manager! It could save lives!

BzSarah is part of the team and plays the saxophone.
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