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My international student experience

By mrunalblogger 03 Sep 2017

As I reminisce over my university memories, I hope I can help make your experience better!

I'll take you through the different steps of my experience in Glasgow...

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I managed to find an apartment in Partick, (after searching every possible letting agency website) a short walk from the university. Private accommodation is usually cheaper than university halls but the process involved LOTS of paperwork so I wish I didn't bother!

Staying in a hostel until my apartment was ready took a large amount of my budget so I suggest students opt for university halls instead. University halls save the trouble of managing bills and internet services too.

Freshers Week

My first week at university was full of events to familiarise the incoming students to their new life! This is your best chance to interact with fellow students.

I was keen on making British and other international friends - they are your windows to a new culture, tradition and lifestyle and add something unique to your experience. Making friends from your own country is also essential because you all share the same problems living in a foreign country and can be there for each other when you feel homesick!

Oh, so cold!
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Coming from India, I had a tough time adapting to the weather - Glasgow is very cold with rainy and gloomy days! I had packed a bag of warm clothes, but I should have set some money aside to shop in Glasgow instead. They'd suit the climate better and you don’t feel out of the place when you're wearing the same clothes as British people.

Don't struggle, get support...

The first couple of months can be tricky - torn between wanting to enjoy your new university life and getting good grades. I stuck with my course friends which helped. Your tutors will be very welcoming too and are always ready to answer queries.

Rather than struggling and keeping your issues to yourself, it’s best to discuss them. If you’re struggling for money, try to find a job. I worked at an Indian café to support myself.

Get involved

After the challenging first semester, my circle of friends grew and social activities helped me with my homesickness. I’d go for long walks along the Kelvin and joined societies (Bikram yoga, Library society). There are lots of activities so you’ll definitely find something you’re interested in. 

I made the best of my time in Glasgow by trying to absorb everything the city and university had to offer and you should too! I celebrated Easter with as much enthusiasm as ‘Diwali’ or ‘Holi’, watched rugby games instead of cricket and devoured haggis as much as Indian curries. And best of all, I made some amazing international friends who continue to be my best friends.

In essence, university life is as much about studying as it is about becoming independent and pushing yourself out your comfort zone!


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mrunalblogger is a Glasgow University graduate who loves art and reading.
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