Hidden gems of London: Your shopping guide

By AnnaBlogger 03 Nov 2014

Looking for the best places to find a unique outfit on a budget or indulge in the vast culture of London? I'll show you the best places to go off the beaten track......

Suddenly reading week has come – it’s already midterm! Incredible how time flies! Although everybody is busy with reading, studying and producing essays right now, there is always some time left for discovering new places in London. Of course, there is no doubt that UCL’s library is beautiful – but you have to admit that in London there are far more interesting places to see as well. It would be a shame to miss them!

London is renowned for being expensive, but there are still some places where you can grab a bargain. What has been fascinating me the most since I came to London is the vast number of markets, there are so many of them and each one is a bit different than the others. My favourite is still Camden Lock Market, every time I go there I am tempted to buy something: hand-crafted jewellery and accessories, colourful scarfs, cotton bags, creatively designed posters and postcards....

Apart from that, the huge offer of international food at these markets is crazy - they have everything! You can choose between British, French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Argentinian cuisine.... the list could be endlessly continued. Plus buying food at one of these stands is much cheaper than eating in a restaurant – 5 pounds and you’ll definitely be full!

And as I really love reading – I enjoy the various small, cute bookshops around London and especially around Bloomsbury. I once accidentally discovered Persephone Books – a small, lovely place in Lamb's Conduit Street, charmingly decorated inside and focused on mid-twentieth-century literature by women writers. If you like books, this place is definitely worth visiting.

Another great place in London – which doesn’t have anything to do with spending money and which I discovered quite recently – is Primrose Hill. Located north of Regents Park, this park offers you a stunning view over London’s skyline. It is a perfect place to relax, think, let the city’s atmosphere work its magic and enjoy the beautiful autumn.

By Anna Lischka

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