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Househunting Tips

01 /Don't stress!

If you haven’t yet sorted your accommodation for the next academic year then don’t worry; there’s still time!

  • Think about who you want to live with and where you want to live
    There are different options available. Do you want the convenience and security of living in halls? Do you want to find a house/flat in the private sector
  • Don't have a house-hunting group?
    If you don't have a house-hunting group, there's no need to stress. You could use NTU Accommodation Message Board to connect with other students in the same situation or find "ready-made" groups that have rooms available in properties they've already secured. 

    Another good option is to find a landlord or agent that is willing to let on an individual basis – Trent Lets, NTU’s very own agency will offer contracts to individuals, saving you the worry of finding a house-hunting group.
  • Get some advice! 
    Your Student Union is here for you. The information and Advice Service cover all three campuses and provide independent, free and confidential advice, information and representation service to all students at Nottingham Trent University. 

    They offer a contract checking service, so you can get advice before you sign up. They also offer advice and guidance for students with issues during and after a tenancy.

You can find out more and even book an appointment here