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Staying safe

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During your time at university you'll have plenty of nights out and staying safe doesn't mean they won't be fun. Keep these tips in mind when you next head out on the town!

  1. Food, glorious food!
    If you're going to be drinking alcohol, always line your stomach before going out.
  2. Stick together
    When travelling to and from your night out, stay with friends or in a group.
  3. Keep taxi numbers handy
    Save them to your phone or leave their number in your wallet/purse. Nottingham City Council has put together some useful information on safe taxis in Nottingham including the new 'My Taxi' which can be downloaded hereYou can also sign up for the NTSU Cars Fixed Fares scheme which offers deals with Nottingham Cars.
  4. Zip it!
    Always keep your bags fastened or have the clasp facing inwards.
  5. Keep an eye on your drinks
    Don't leave them unattended and come back to them, and no matter how skint you are never accept drinks from strangers.
  6. Need cash?
    If you do, always use cash machines in busy areas and get a friend to go with you.
  7. Stay hydrated
    And not with alcohol! Between every couple of drinks have some water. It'll ease your hangover in the morning too.
  8. Don't forget ID
    This includes your provisional/driving licence or passport and your student card because that might give you discounts while you're out. On the back of your student card you've got a number for security if you do ever need help, so keep your card, and the number (0115 848 6462) handy!
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