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Know thy neighbour

01 /Noisy neighbours

Now that you've moved into your new home, you're not only a tenant but more importantly a resident of Nottingham as well.

This means your student lifestyle may clash slightly with those living around you. Keep in mind that your neighbours may be elderly, have young children or health problems. You might think if you've got students as neighbours then loud parties will be fine, but they might not be ok with it either.

Be mindful!

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Respecting your neighbours doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy living in the community. 

Here are some really simple ways to avoid being the "noisy neighbour" that no-one on the street is particularly fond of...

  • Heading out late? Be wary of how hard you're slamming your taxi doors, you don't want to wake anyone up. If you're running late, your taxi driver will probably beep their horn and then you'll really have some angry neighbours. Ask the driver to call you when they arrive.
  • Swap your speakers for headphones, especially late in the evening and early in the morning unless you want unhappy housemates as well as neighbours!
  • If you do invite some friends round, then be responsible by keeping the volume to a minimum and make sure they're not too rowdy. 

Imagine your elderly relatives or family with young children telling you their neighbours were keeping them up on a night with loud parties - seeing it slightly differently now? Be respectful of the local residents around you.

We know that non-students living in community areas can be just as difficult to live next door to too. If you want to report any problems relating to anti-social behaviour or have a non-emergency incident you would like to report call 101.