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Living in Nottingham

01 /Respect YOUR community and others

When you enrolled as a Nottingham Trent student you signed up to the Student Code of Behaviour, which sets some expectations of you at university and when you're living in the community. It also says what you can expect from us at NTU!

The Student Code deals with both minor and serious behaviours that you need to avoid. You may be moving into a new home but you're still representing NTU so avoid any actions that would reflect badly on you and the university.

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Some things that breach the Code are:

  • Anti-social behaviour: be considerate to your neighbours and other members of your local community. Causing unnecessary and unacceptable levels of noise will lead to complaints direct to the university or via the council/police. 
  • Committing crime: anything you do that results in a criminal record is a clear breach of the Code. This includes possessing/supplying illegal substances, possessing offensive weapons and intentional damage to property owned by the university and in the community.
  • Lack of (or absence of) Sexual consent: all members of the NTU community need to be aware of their behaviour and interaction with others - and of the impact, this may have. This includes sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape. Make sure you always have consent whenever participating in sexual activity.

Discriminatory and negative behaviour is not tolerated and may also be unlawful. This includes:

  • Sexism
  • Misogyny/misandry
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual violence
  • Racism
  • Targeted hostility towards people with disabilities

It also includes the use of social media to demean and humiliate people.

Check out this video made by your Student Union...

Consent means that someone either agrees, gives permission or says "yes" to sexual activity. When in a sexual situation everyone must feel that they can say "yes", or more importantly "no" to stop the activity at any time.

If you’ve ever experienced sexual violence and want support, student support can help.

Whether these things happen on university property or not, they still breach the Code.

Think before you act!