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The big move out...

01 /The time has come

You're about to make the big move out into your new home. It's an exciting time and with that comes lots of things to consider.

There are a few things you need to do before leaving your current accommodation, and ensure you get back that all important deposit:

  1. Leave everything as you found it
    Make sure you do a thorough and proper clean before you leave so the accommodation is tidy.
  2. Remove all your belongings
    Double check all the cupboards, wardrobes and under the bed so you don't leave anything behind.
  3. Make management aware of any damages
    Just so they aren't left with any nasty surprises that could result in you paying fines/charges.
  4. Take a photo!
    So you have proof of the condition you left the accommodation in.
  5. Collect your letters
    You don't want to leave anything important behind.
  6. Return keys, fobs etc
    You won't get your deposit back otherwise!
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