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Before you arrive

02 /What do I need to bring?

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Not sure what to pack?

You're in luck! We've put a list together of what we think you'll need...

For your bedroom:
Bedding* (duvet, pillows, sheets & pillow cases)
Clothes hangers
Phone charger
Laptop/computer/games console 
Laptop charger
Pins for noticeboard
Extension cable (make sure it's safe to use!)
Home comforts (photos of friends and family etc.) 

*You will be provided with a bed and a mattress protector but you need to bring your own bedding. Asda, Tesco, Ikea and lots of other shops sell duvets/pillows/sheets or you can order one of our bedding packs online...

We offer 3 different packs, depending on the size of the bed in your accommodation:
Single set: £25
3/4 set: £30
Double set: £30

For the kitchen:
Crockery (plates, bowls, cups)
Baking trays
Chopping board 
Cleaning products
Tea towels

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You have cleaners who maintain all communal areas (your pantry, lounges, bathrooms and stairs) in your accommodation. They also clean your kitchen every week and your en-suite bathroom every 2 weeks - if you’re lucky enough to have one! Residents are asked to leave their kitchens and public areas in an acceptable condition to clean.

Keeping your bedroom clean is your responsibility and the Halls Supervisor will assist you in this by carrying out regular room inspections!