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Swansea Area Guide

By ELeyshon 23 Jul 2019

If you're looking for a student property in the private sector but not sure where to look (literally!), check out our video exploring the different local areas in Swansea.

  • Brynmill & Uplands
    Close to Singleton Park Campus
    Wide range of facilities like shops, bars and take aways
    Mainly flats and large shared houses
  • Sandfields
    Close to the City Centre
    Within walking distance to Singleton or a short bus ride to Bay Campus
    Mainly 2-3 bedroom properties
  • Sketty
    Close to Singleton Park Campus
    Good local facilities like shops and take aways
    Mostly 4-5 bedroom properties
  • Marina
    Close to the City Centre and a short bus ride to Bay Campus
    High standard, luxury accommodation
    1-2 bedroom properties, many with ensuite bathrooms
  • St Thomas & Port Tennant
    Close to the Bay Campus and City Centre
    Mostly 4-6 bedroom properties

If you need advice about looking for a suitable student property, contact Student Accommodation Services (SAS) or check out their Facebook.

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