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Staying Safe / Security at Swansea University

By ELeyshon 21 Feb 2020

Here are our top tips to stay safe while at Swansea University:

  • Download the Safezone app (specific to Swansea University): This is a great app where you can send messages to security at any one of the university’s campuses. The app will allow security to check- up on you or you can make your wearabouts known to them at any time.

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  • Property crime accounts for over 95% of university campus crimes: keep your valuables safe and out of sight. Get a ‘D’ lock for your bike.
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  • Report anything suspicious to security.
  • Trust your instinct.
  • Be mindful about your social media postings. Let close friends know your wearabouts.
  • Lock all of your doors and windows when you leave.
  • Don't let others tailgate: i.e. accidentally letting people in behind you into secure accommodation.
  • Stay alert, alternate your jogging route. Earphones are great for motivation while running, not so good for making you aware of potential attackers and your surroundings.

Nights out: 

  • Watch your drinks while out socialising. Travel in groups/ with your friends where possible (especially at night), walk towards oncoming traffic. Taxis – take a pre-booked licensed taxi. 
  • Startle attackers by screaming, shouting and letting off a personal alarm, which will allow time for you to escape. Make a note of the attackers appearance or distinguishing features. (Run, Hide, Tell principle)

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  • If you’re carrying a bag – make sure the clasp is facing towards your body. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable in a night club, go up to a security guard and use the code word ‘Julie’. Security at every night club including Swansea University are aware of what this word means and will take appropriate action.

 Private accommodation

  • Be mindful of unexpected visitors. They may claim to have been sent by Student Accommodation to have a look at your flat but did someone from the office contact you to confirm this? If not, they could be trying to burgle your house while you’re home.
  • Keep the outside of the house tidy – avoid signposting your house as a student one.

If you are unsure of anything, the university security are always happy to help.

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