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Staying in touch with friends over the holidays

By ELeyshon 20 Jun 2018

Staying in touch with friends over the summer

If you’ve booked your holiday, sorted out work experience, got a job for the summer or all three– well done! If not, there’s always time to step closer to your dreams. This is your moment, however have you thought about what comes next after the holidays? It could well include, sharing a house, more study, more social plans, many of which require trustworthy friends to participate.

Here’s our guide to keeping in touch with friends over the summer. 

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Continuing the group chat on whatsapp might not be a priority during World Cup fever or while you’re soaking up the rays in Ibiza, however there are endless benefits to staying in touch with your friends over the summer. These include: renewed friendships before the next year at University, sorting out house plans, a companion to explain the complex graph in lectures and soul mates with a shared Educational experience. The list is endless.

Any Excuse…

If it’s your birthday over the summer, invite your uni friends over to help you celebrate. A beach barbeque, outdoor theatre and offering to visit your friends might be very welcome also.

There’ll be plenty to discuss if you host a sporting related barbeque; the World Cup and Wimbledon are opportunity to indulge in strawberries, ice-cream and sensational sports viewing. If you prefer to be doing rather than watching it, book a tennis court or enter a charity run together. If sports isn`t your thing - a summer holiday or volunteering on a project with your friends will be very enjoyable and rewarding; you’ll also create shared memories while staying on top of gossip, plans and moving-in arrangements.


On a budget?

A holiday abroad may not be on the cards but a bake-off or camping experience might be the ideal way to build on the bond created at Swansea and prove that you’re not afraid to be a team- player for your friends. There are lots of free exhibitions and festivals in parks over the summer too.

They’re coming for the weekend!  Help.

Breathe, make a plan, remember they’ve come to see you not check the quality of your cleaning.

You probably know your local area backwards so choose the best bits to do a whistle stop tour for you friends. Walking, cycling, a picnic or a kayak are active ways to enjoy the outdoors in a group. If you live in a city, take your friends to your favourite coffee shop, the art gallery or shopping. Not into an active weekend? Get your ball photos into a virtual or hardback album to show your friends when they arrive, find an unmissable film you want to watch on Netflix or find some fun board games such as twister to play with your friends.

Happy holidays!

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