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Meet the Team: Matthew Turner

By bzellie 30 May 2020

As community spirit is still high and our human need to stay connected kicks in we are continuing our Meet the Team posts to allow you to get to know us a little more and understand all the support that’s on hand for you. The team is still here working from home and offering any support we can during this time.

Today we have a ‘Meet the Team’ piece from our Residential Life Co-ordinator Matthew Turner. Some of you might know Matt but for those that don’t here is Matt……



Matthew Turner

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What is your job and department? 

I am the Residential Life Co-Ordinator and I am based in Residential Services. I support all sites in my role.

How long have you worked at the university?

2 Years

How has the Coronavirus changed things for you in work and at home?

The current situation has meant that I am now working from home rather than traveling between each of our campuses where I spend each day working with staff and students.  I work manage the team of welfare wardens and residential life assistants so I am busy and have contact with a lot of people.

What are the biggest challenges for you doing your job during this time?

The biggest challenge I find during this time is not having the face to face interactions with staff and students.  Every day I would be working on a different campus with different staff and students, now I am only travelling downstairs to sit at my laptop every day. Losing this face to face interaction has been a massive change because I gain so much information and understanding from this face to face communication usually.  Not having that social interaction is very difficult, especially when dealing with issues. I am finding it is sometimes harder to understand the whole situation purely by email.

Advice and tips for our students at this time?

My biggest advice for students during this time would be to make sure they keep connected via apps, use zoom, Facebook, Instagram, facetime, whatsapp and Browzer– as this can make isolation seem much more sociable and less lonely.  You will also be surprised how supportive this can be on a day to day basis.

What do you miss the most during this adjustment?

Definitely seeing friends and family. I regularly see the and not seeing them is hard.

What are the positive you are taking from this time or what positive are you hoping will come out of this?

Hopefully we will not take for granted our freedom and all the small things we like to do.  I’m hoping we all realise how important it is to help and support each other and to keep a positive outlook on everything.

A huge part of my job at the uni is helping, supporting and trying to understand others so seeing others developing these qualities has been a joy! Our students have been fantastic and adjusted to this crisis which is amazing and something we should all be proud of.


I am excited to be involved in the selection for some new Welafre Wardens on Bay campus. This role is very different to other more traditional student jobs. You need to be empathetic, non-judgmental, responsible and a team player so I am hoping that the virus has highlighted these qualities to many of our students and they are inspired to apply and work in a job supporting their fellow students. If anyone is keen in applying then check out our recent post about the Welfare Warden role or feel free to get in touch with me at M.S.Turner@Swansea.ac.uk


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