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Meet the Team: Daniel Parrott

By bzellie 03 Jun 2020

This week for our meet the team blog post we have Daniel Parrott who sits within ISS and is someone some of you may have had contact with on your student journey so far.

We hope you enjoy and if you want to get involved or have any ideas for future posts please get in touch via email to Catherine.l.jones@swansea.ac.uk



Daniel Parrott

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What is your job and department?

I manage the Disabled Students’ Allowance assessment centre, which is part of Inclusive Student Support Services (ISSS)

How long have you worked at the university?

Since late 2009

How has the Coronavirus changed things for you in work and at home?

Our systems were well setup for remote working, so in many ways, nothing has changed- it’s business as usual. Working from home is interesting, because we need to arrange schooling the kids around two busy full time jobs. I am definitely not complaining about this though and I am going with the experience because we all need to adjust right now!

What are the biggest challenges for you doing your job during this time?

Getting used to conducting assessments with students remotely, using Zoom. Working to deadlines whilst getting bombarded with queries about Algebra from my son (I don’t do maths)!!

Advice and tops for our students at this time?

I would suggest that you try and keep to a vaguely familiar schedule, and attempt to differentiate between weekdays and weekend activity. The best thing about setting up a regular schedule is that you have something to change or break when you get fed up!! Keep talking to each other, and to us if you have any worries as we are here and working. Try and find new ways to do the things you love doing, and maybe try out some new things too. I know there has been lots of hints and tips on here or on the Residential Services and Wellbeing social pages.

What do you miss the most during this adjustment?

I live quite a long way from Swansea, but enjoy the relaxed train commute to and from work. I also cycle for part of my commute for exercise. It acts as a break point between work and home life so I do miss that time.

What are the positive you are taking from this time or what positive are you hoping will come out of this?

It’s nice to have more time with the kids, do more music and pick away at all those little domestic things that I have let slip for the past…..20 years! The Coronavirus is a horrible (and unbelievably strange) situation, but it is definitely resulting in light being shone on how countries look after people. I think good will come of this, because it is harder to fob people off at a time like this. Also, it gives us time to think about our collective priorities, and how we could change society for the better, and make smarter choices regarding the environment. I have hope for a better future!


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