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How to read your meters

By glim 07 Nov 2016

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Reading an electric or gas meter is not something you will have to do while you're living in University Accommodation. But it's definitely useful to know how when you move into your student house in your 2nd year. 

Why do I have to give meter readings?

It gives your suppliers a clear picture of how much energy you are actually using, rather than simply allowing them to estimate.
Giving your readings once a month enables you to keep track of your usage and ensures that your bills are accurate.
Depending on the company, they may remind you every month to do this.

The majority of household utility meters look like this:

You will have a separate meter for gas, electric and water (if applicable). The location of the meters are detailed on the management notice on the noticeboard in the hallway. 

Don’t worry about the numbers in the red box; you only need to read up to the decimal point! In this case, the reading would be 9765 (the zero is redundant).

 If you are in a SAS Managed property,  you should become familiar with entering your meter readings with Glide as it's very straightforward.

From the graph, you can see your Electricity Allowance & Electricity Usage. Don’t be worried if it doesn't look quite right, as the allowance will change once your meter reading is inputted.  It will take a couple of months of readings to get a proper idea of your usage against allowance.

Finally, don’t be alarmed if your usage goes into the red, especially with gas over the winter as we would expect you to use more during this period. This will then be offset in the spring/summer when you should be using a lot less heating!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to speak to SAS (Student Accommodation Services)


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