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How to be a good housemate

By bzellie 10 Sep 2019

Here are the 5 C’s of how to be a good house/ flatmates.

Connect: Make an effort to get to know your housemates.

Why not cook, have a themed night and take the opportunity to chat with each other on your arrival. Learn a new fact about your housemate, do you know what course everyone’s studying? What their plans are for the summer/ what they did last summer and what they’re hobbies are? Making a connection with your housemates early on might also give you more space to organize the film club social at yours in a few months time.

Calmness: To be a good housemate stay cool, calm and collected; if someone forgot to clean on the morning of their kitchen cleaning shift, a calm approach might give them enough space to read the cleaning rota again and send them into super- Monica mode to ensure the kitchen is sparkling by the evening.

Communicate: At times there inevitably will be matters that will need your own and your housemates’ attention: bins, bathroom usage and sharing of bread and milk are some issues that could benefit from a bit of discussion. Be open, honest and sensitive wherever possible. The old BT advert ‘It’s good to talk’ did have mileage to it. This cliché might also apply to your own state of affairs: letting housemates/ flatmates in on the picture if you’re unwell or need space can also let them understand where you’re at.

Cook: There is a lot to be said of offering to cook for your flatmates. Cooking for others’ also allows your housemates to learn about your culture if it’s different to yours and will broaden your own taste buds if it’s someone else’s turn.

Cough-up: Wherever possible, be diligent with any kittys and shared resources. This next bit may not apply but if it does: Make sure you pay your rent on time as this will alleviate any tension over payments, bills and the general financial side of living in a shared space. Did someone do the milk and bread run this week and last week? It will make you feel better if nothing else!